iCom - Advanced Radio System by IP

Full-Dúplex* communication using a wireless LAN and IP network


  • Easy configuration and use system
  • Up to 100 users can communicate at the same time
  • Encryption adds extra security
  • The scope is limited only by the coverage of the IP network
  • No license required or no cost for calls
  • Full-duplex communication (requires micro-headset.)
  • Short data and status messages


The wireless LAN system expands your communication coverage.


Individual, Group or Area Communication

You can communicate seamlessly with staff spread over a wide area, such as a hotel.


Communication inside the building

By deploying access points along the IP network, the advanced IP radio system can communicate over the entire path from the basement to the top floor. The IP100H can access the nearest access point and switch between access points *.

* Needed the same SSIDs to use with roaming.


Full dúplex communication, hands-free

The IP100H user can talk and listen simultaneously with an optional micro-headset, as if it were a phone call. The hands-free operation allows your staff to perform other tasks at the same time.


Communication in scattered sites

If you are connected over a VPN on the internet, the IP100H / IP100FS can communicate between dispersed sites such as offices or stores in different cities.


Full-duplex communication

With an optional micro-headset, the IP100H can talk and listen at the same time. All users of the system can communicate simultaneously.


High security

Wireless LAN security protocols (WPA-PSK (TKIP / AES), WPA2-PSK (TKIP / AES)) encrypt your private conversation.


Short data and status messages

The IP100H / IP100FS can send short data and status messages * with other users.

* Only pre-programmed messages on the IP100H.


Easy configuration and use system

The IP1000C programs almost all terminal configurations via the air. It does not require connecting via cable to a PC to program it (except initial configuration).