iCom IC-F5062D / F6062D

Professional Multi-mode Digital/Analog Radio

  • Frecuencies: 136-174 O 400-470MHz
  • 512 channels with 128 zones
  • 25 watts of RF output
  • Compatible with dPMR or NXDN
  • Operation in mixed mode
  • Digital/Analog
  • Multifunction LCD Display by dot matrix
  • Removable front panel with optional RMK-3 and separation cable
  • IP54 (frontal panel only) dust protection and water resistance
  • Robust construction according to MIL-STD
  • Tracking and voting functions automatically selects the most powerful or first station that exceeds the preset level.

Separable Fronal Panel

With the optional RMK-3 remote separation kit and separation cable, the front panel of the radio can be moved away from the main unit, this facilitates installation even in places with limited space.


Multifunction LCD Display by dots matrix

Thanks to its matrix display of high contrast points, it is possible to clearly display upper and lower case characters, it is possible to program the screen configuration to display a line of 12 characters, or two lines and 24 characters. The backlight makes it easy to read and the position of the keyboard.


Speaker installed on the front panel

The 4 watt loudspeaker typ. mounted on the front panel allows clear and powerful listening. The audio compressor / expander improves the signal-to-noise ratio.


IP-54 Dust and splash protection (control unit)

The sturdy die-cut chassis and polycarbonate front panel are resistant to vibrations and impacts. When used with the optional separation kit, IP54 is dust and splash resistant.


Wide Frequency Range and Large Channel Capacity

The IC-5062 series have a large frequency range in a single version (VHF 136-174MHz, UHF 400-470MHz).

It has a capacity of 512 channels of memory in 128 zones, which allows flexibility in the storage and the grouping of channels. It is also possible independently program the channel bandwidth between (25/20 / 12.5KHz)*

* Programmable 12/12.5KHz o 20/12.5KHz


Multiple signaling systems 2-Tones and 5-Tones

2-Tone, 5-Tone signaling systems are included as standard, allow for individual and group calls. It also has 40 pairs of CTCSS / DTCS codes.


Compatible BIIS 1200

The following selective calls and data transmission are included as standard in the BIIS system.

  • 32 abbreviated memory markers
  • 7 group IDs
  • 24 State Messages
  • Sending 12-character SDM per keyboard (Short Data Messages)
  • Display of free text messages up to 95 characters


Tracking in Voting Mode

The tracking in voting mode detects and stores the received field strength of the different repeater stations and automatically selects the strongest station, this technique is very useful during the roaming process between two or more repeaters, once configured for it is very simple activate the function simply by selecting the zone.


Dependent type tracking

In normal tracking mode, you can select the tracking list independently of the selected channel, in the dependent mode the tracking list is automatically selected according to the selected channel, this feature is very useful during the roaming process between different areas, since eliminates the need to vary the trace configuration.


Series Simple Inversion Secraphony

The simple inverter * serial sequence allows medium level secure communication. When a more secure encryption system is required, the non-rolling type sections of 32 UT-109R codes and 1020 UT-110R type codes are available.

* Simple inversion secrphony is not compatible with UT-109R / UT-110R.


SUB-D accessory connector

The IC-F5062 series incorporates a 25-way accessory connector type SUB-D, which allows connection to different external devices.


Other Features

  • 8 automation memories and ANI function with DTMF
  • Optional high-strength dynamic microphone HM-148
  • Programmable start-up key
  • Stun, kill and revive functions to remotely enable or disable a lost or stolen unit.
  • Programmable channel access functions
  • Surveillance mode, temporarily deactivates local effects
  • Keyboard stickers
  • Programmable microphone hook function
  • Remote ignition line
  • Basic LTR™ Trunking capability
  • Electronic serial number.
  • CPU Flash allows easy update
  • The series IC-F3162/F4162 are the equivalent portable stations
  • Variable alarms
  • Lone Worker Function
  • Advanced tracking functions including TX CH, Talkback, nuisance delete, etc.



IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System), the ICOM digital PMR system that uses the NXDN ™ common air interface. It incorporates multitude of digital functions like selective call, status messages, radio stun / kill / revive, etc. With a channel spectral efficiency of 6.25K