iCom - Advanced Radio System by IP


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Due to its geographical location, communications towers are usually exposed to receive lightning strikes, which often damage the antennas, electronics and electrical installations, being able to knock out communications structures emissions. As a result of this damage, thousands of users can run out of service until the fault is repaired and communications are restored.

All lightning rod ending in one or more points are in principle the capture and excitement of the lightnings. During the lightning discharge in the lightning rod tower, in more or less side are effects  of electrostatic and electromagnetic pollution affecting the electrical and telecommunications equipment, audiovisual and other sensitive electronics.

For this reason it is recommended for lightning protection a system that is able to give continuity to the services and not jeopardize installations uptake of lightning. The PDCE system is the only lightning rod that doesn't excite the lightning and avoid the impact on the communications tower eliminating the natural electrical field before the ionization process. Because it is based on the elimination of electrostatic charges that accumulate in the environment, the protection system of the PDCE rays can avoid the problems that can easily suffer sensitive equipment such charges and can easily be found on towers communications.