iCom IC-F44GS

Advanced Portable Radios (Discontinued)

Whether it's large works, warehouses, hospitals or shopping centers, the new IC-F34G / F44G series offers the flexibility to meet your communication needs. The IC-F34G / F44G series, which offers advanced features including a wide range of frequencies, multiple signaling and strong audio, is a robust and reliable bidirectional communications tool.

4 versions available

  • IC-F34GS VHF transmitter, 5W, without keypad
  • IC-F34GT VHF transmitter, 5W, with Keyboard
  • IC-F44GS UHF transmitter, 4W, without keypad
  • IC-F44GT UHF transmitter, 4W, with Keyboard

Lithium Ion Battery and Quick Charge as standard

The IC-F34G / F44G series is supplied with the BP-231 Li-Ion battery pack and the BC-160 quick charger as standard. An optional BP-232 battery pack and BP-230 battery packs are also available. Lithium-ion batteries provide greater capacity and longer run time than Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries and allow flexible charging without memory effect.

Small and light body

The IC-F34G / F44G series weighs only 300g and measures only 53x120x32,5mm. The die-cast aluminum chassis and polycarbonate housing meet MIL specifications and are designed for durability. A robust dual-rail guide locks the battery securely at the back of the radio.

Wide frequency coverage

The IC-F34G / F44G series covers a wide range of frequencies (400¡V470MHz). The series also has a wide, medium and narrow channel separation (25,20,12,5kHz) * selectable per channel.

* 25 and 20 kHz can not be programmed at the same time.

Alphanumeric LCD

The series incorporates an alphanumeric LCD of 8 characters and 14 segments. An automatic LCD backlight is used for night-time operation.

Built-in 2-tone / 5-tone multi function

The IC-F34G / F44G series features built-in 2-Ring, 5-Ring, CTCSS and DTCS signaling for group or selective call. The IC-F34G / F44G series can decode ten 2-tone codes or eight 5-tone codes into one channel. When a matching tone is received, several actions are programmable for each code (eg answer calls, beeps, ringing, daze / killer, automatic transmission, external output, etc.)

256 memory channels and rotary channel control

The IC-F34G / F44G series has a maximum of 256 programmable channels with 16 banks. With a simple rotation of the rotary channel knob, the memory channel can be selected.

Programmable functions

Up to 8 programmable [P0] V [P3], ["°], [" ²], [Monitor] and [Red Button] buttons can be assigned additional functions to meet a variety of requirements.

Built-in voice encoder

The IC-F34G / F44G series has a built-in inversion type voice encoder as standard. When installing an optional voice encoder unit, UT-109 or UT-110, more secure communication is possible.

Compatible with BIIS 1200

The following selective call and data functions are available with the built-in BIIS system.

  • 32 abbreviated call memories
  • 7 Group ID
  • 24 Status Messages
  • Send 8-character SDM (Short data message)
  • Receive up to 95 characters of free text

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