Your entire Security Hunt with Smartcaza!


Smartchase is a device designed for hunting dogs made with a GPS beacon and a GSM chip worn by the dog on her necklace and an application for Smartphone (Android v4 and & Iphone 4S + y +).

This device allows the hunters to geolocalize immediately, and to find their dogs lost.

With its multi-operator technology, the SmartChase collar works with GPS + GPRS coverage, where no other devices arrive! Do not waste a minute to retrieve your dogs and enjoy all the time for you.

Conceived by the Company WITRACE in Voiron, France, specializing in creating geolocation solutions, SmartChase is a safety advantage that will become since their first use, indispensable to yours hunting days.


Easy to use and quick to find your dogs.

More Information

SmartChase - Beacon


The Beacon connected for Security!


The SmartChase beacon is placed very easily on the collar of the dog and allows you to locate it immediately during your hunting.

Thanks to the integrated multi-operator SIM card (programmed, inserted and paid in advance), you will always be connected with the application of your Smartphone.

The application allows you to follow an unlimited number of dogs during your hunts.

Each hunter can follow his own dogs and others, since this beacon can be received by an unlimited number of hunters.


The SmartChase 2.0 beacon has many advantages:

* High performance battery.

* Very easy charge by induction.

* Connectivity intelligently.

SmartChase - Application



The SmartChase GPS tracking device application (available on Android and iOS) allows you to track your hunting game in real time.

Watch your dog's movements directly on your smartphone - there's no need for it not to be your own smartphone!

Hunt safely by adding the positions of your fellow hunters, trackers or other dogs: create as many connections as you want. Nothing easier then to communicate with them through instant messaging.

The SmartChase application also allows you to set warning areas: creating a security perimeter, and you will be warned by an audible alarm when your dog leave this area.