TECNO-RADIOCOM is a company belonging to the TECNO-FERRAN, S.L. a multidisciplinary group dedicated to offering solutions to its clients in fields as diverse as RADIOCOMMUNICATIONS,  NAUTICAL ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICITY  and PROTECTION AGAINST RAYS.


TECNO-FERRAN S.L. was born in 2004 with the idea of ​​covering and satisfying the need for technical assistance to our customers in terms of electronics, electricity and naval security.

Shortly thereafter, it expanded with the radiocommunication sector (due to his previous experience in that field) to offer his service to those who need solutions in radiocommunications.

From 2008, TECNO-FERRAN, specializes in the new lightning protection system of new technology PDCE (Electrostatic Charge Deionizing Lightning Rod), for the naval sector and in 2009 creates the new department for ground facilities, giving so our customers the opportunity to have this PDCE lightning rod both at sea and on land.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers of our services, and the first brands in the market, constantly improving new technologies and knowledge to advise and offer the collaboration they need.



Within the group TECNO-FERRAN S.L. you can find:

- TECNO-NAUTIC specialized in all types of electronics and electricity in the nautical world, radars, probes, GPS, and everything related to boat installations. It also has safety beacons and the ability to perform its full preventive maintenance.

- TECNO-RADIOCOM specialized in all types of radio communication systems VHF, UHF. It deals with the main brands depending on the sector (nautical, hunting, or terrestrial) allowing the customer to offer the best solution in their radiocommunications.

- TECNO-PROTECT specialized in the PDCE lightning rod system, an innovative technology that is based on giving protection by making the beam NOT appear. In this way we can be sure to offer our customers TOTAL protection against the impacts of lightning.